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July 14, 2011

Caller ID and Spoofing | FCC.gov

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Caller ID and Spoofing | FCC.gov.

Finally, we have some small teeth in a law to discourage clear, unambiguous fraud.  This type of activity is not just immoral, but clearly in violation of federal (and perhaps many states’ law).  As always, any consumer’s best protection against fraudulent activity is the consumer’s own vigilance and skepticism, not the government. However, it is good when those who collect taxes seek to protect the availability of those sources of funds from criminals who are finding ever more clever ways to steal identities, account information, and cold hard cash without ever leaving the comfort of their telephones.

This “spoofing” can catch even savvy consumers off-guard.  By this, I mean that even if you are paying attention, you may not even to believe what you see with your own eyes.  One of the best tactics to prevent being a victim, as is the case with any collection call or other serious consumer matter, is to ask for company names, first and last names of the callers, and call-back numbers so that you can return the call when it is convenient (and verify that the number rings to where it should).  Yes, I know that many court clerks will refuse to give a first and last name, but it will give the consumer the opportunity to trust, or not trust, that sixth sense about these things once such requests are made.

If you believe you have been victimized by caller ID spoofing, or if you are being wrongfully pursued by a debt collector, please call (404) 987-0026 to discuss possible legal actions.

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Author: Dan Dewoskin